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  1. Awesome. My son and I have had a blast. For anyone that quit because of those couple German guys that were laying waste to everyone's bases, my son and I found them and scoured their base to bedrock. If anyone needs a rebuild kit let me know and we can help. Also, if you get zapped by the anti-personnel field let me know. We had to put that up and make it large because those same two guys raided us pretty hard.
  2. The Server has been super solid for months, first day I've seen it down. Is it coming back?
  3. Edit: It appears this is running 1.2.9f and the owner has not installed any plugins to allow for /home, /sethome, /tpa, etc. It's raw Tekkit And it appears down.. or at least it has been down most of today.
  4. I ended up using an alternate launcher. I would prefer the technic launcher if they can fix it. The old one was so much easier to use, less resource drain, and faster.
  5. Same here.. the new launcher is too clunky and causes the game to run slow and choppy when it finally loads for me. Basically renders TPPI not able to play smoothly. FYI I have a beefy machine so it's not hardware. Please allow us to use the old launcher and not auto-update.
  6. Apparently my original launcher auto-updated which sucks because the new launcher feels slow and I get more chop in game. Is there a place to download the prior launcher without having it auto-update to the V2?
  7. I had issues with TPPI. I have it installed already, launcher sees Tekkit, but doesn't see TPPI. download/install didn't work, and the settings boxes would freeze up. Had to close the process and just use old launcher.
  8. Server has been pretty solid. Although it is down right at this moment. I know Geist was making some config changes, so hopefully it is just a reset in process.
  9. Make a Qportal or a Myst Portal (Intra-linking).. that would be much faster
  10. This is what I do. Skip the battery and just carry energy cells in your inventory. Keep one charging at base so when your cell runs out, come back, swap it out with the charged cell and off you go.
  11. As of the end of July FGG is now closed Great server, just had issues with declining population as people pretty much did what there is to do in Tekkit.
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