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Quarry disappearing


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Hi, I got a problem when setting up my quarry. 


I´m placing the land marks in a square and then right clicking on the land mark to get the red beam.

When I am going to place the quarry it cant attach it to my land marks if placed next to the red beam but only when it is on the red beam. However when I starting up the quarry it disappears right away.



Someone help me please.

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Welcome to Tekkit!


You may find my >Quarry guide useful. The issue here is that when using Landmarks, the Quarry will only accept them if placed directly facing one of them, not somewhere along the beam. It always puzzled me why this isn't documented better.


The setup bot will destroy all blocks inside the frame, including those obstructing the frame space. So when you place the Quarry directly on the beam, it will obstruct the frame space and effectively erase itself. Always place all machines and gear outside the frame.


By the way, you just need three Landmarks to set up a rectangle. It works most reliably when you click the middle one to activate the frame.

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