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Refresher Needed

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Hey folks,


It has been a year or more since I played Minecraft. I forget how exactly but I got hooked up to some dudes also living in East coast U.S. and played for several months with them. They turned me on to Tekkit Lite and I got very much into for quite a while.


Life changed, that old HD died, I have largely forgotten all the intricacies of Tekkit Lite. So now I've relogged into my Minecraft account and installed and am presently getting Tekkit Lite reinstalled. Few questions:


1. A link to a good "Overview of Tekkit Lite"? I seem to recall that, the source I was pointed to by these old buddies was some ad-ridden Wikia that was extremely slow and profuse with popups. Is there a good clean wiki like source for info on Tekkit Lite.


The main thinks I remember that I felt were great augmentations to vanilla Minecraft: automation of things like fishing; lots of technology, lava geneators, jet packs, etc.


2. Hmmm, maybe there was no "2." I guess mid- to long-term I'd probably want to get hooked up with a group for coop or even PVP. As an old EVE Online player though, I'm a bit jaded about PVP and I understand a lot of Minecraft servers are profuse with griefers and tools. Any suggestions in this regard?


3. Ah yes! I cannot recall if there were other mods I played with that were common complements to Tekkit Lite. Glancing at this, it seems Tekkit Lite is actually a compilation of a number of diffrerent mods, so maybe it was just Tekkit Lite I played with . . . Are there any mods that are very commonly installed and run along side Tekkit Lite?

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