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EliteTekkit [Interactive spawn][PVE-PVP][No raid][Great Staff]


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So why join EFTL?
-We have a interactive spawn, meaning you can buy player shops in a giant mall, buy fully protected apartments for you and your friends with in game cash. (this is also accepted via donation, or acceptation of moderator application)
-We have a fully functional forums on our website, http://elite-factions.webs.com/. The forums allows you to ask questions, post your mind, and even apply for moderator status!
-Speaking of moderator status, we have a moderator rank pick in about a month for the best applicant on our website!
-Then Last but not least, we have random drop parties, server wide events that give out lots of in game cash, and a nice, yet rule based, staff selection.
​What will the experience be like?
-We are working on votifier right now!
-Auto-Restart system that tells you every so often when the server will restart.
-You may have the owner come by and pimp your house for no cost.
-friendly players and staff willing to help
-And much more!
So give us a try, even if your on the fence. We have had a lot of road bumps along the way, one recently that forced us to restart with the server to what you see right now. We may not have a lot of people yet, but trust me, I will do everything in my power to change that!
-Jared (Owner of Elite-Factions)
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