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Crashing on Mojang screen


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Hi guys.

New to PC minecraft, been playing it on xbox and been watching a lot of yogscast.

I keep trying to play Tekkit but it keeps crashing.


I click play on the launcher, it goes to the Monjang screen. sits there. then tells me its not responding and closes.


I can't figure out why, all the other ones work.


Please help, it's probably just me being a noob and missing something simple :)



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curunir, youre actually driving me insane. I've been trying to solve the same issue, and all i can find when i do google searches is YOU telling people to go somewhere else to get help. ive never used this site. im just trying to solve my own problem and avoid posting a new topic as i know I'm not the only one who has it. how does this issue tracker work? is it just a different forum? please help I've been trying to solve the same problem for literally 24 hours now and im about to give up. I also have no idea where to find my crash logs. 

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Welcome also to you. Maybe you want to actually follow those links I keep dropping absolutely everywhere, then you should be able to find the issue tracker. Posts there work basically like threads, but require some more formal information to be created, like version and operating system used. We are not doing any support on Discussion.


I know the tracker has its weaknesses, but the rules around here mandate that it has to be used for any kind of technical issue. I did not write these rules, but I do support them, because they represent the wishes of the Tekkit developers. Without them, there would be no Tekkit. If you are a guest in somebody's house, you should observe common courtesy, and respect house rules.


To spare people the hassle of opening an issue ticket for every single known glitch they encounter, I took the time to write the >unofficial FAQ. This, too, is not perfect, but might help some people find and fix the problem on their own.


If you have some ideas how to improve all of this, please share them.


P.S.: As for how to locate crash logs, I >added that to the FAQ now. Good luck solving your issue.

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