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Tekkit connection crash


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So, I was playing on my tekkit server with my brother, and i was building a lava pump in the nether. But, when I came back, the red ally wire I put down had disappeared. So, I left and tried to rejoin, and I got this error...


Failed to login: java.io.Exception: Server returned HTTP response code 503 for URL: (the url of my server)

So, I tried a few things and I realised it was a server error. When I tried restarting the server, my brother got the same error as me. On both of our computers, the server will be online, but it won't let us in when we try to join. Does anyone have an idea of what happened? 

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Issues belong on the tracker. In this particular case, you are experiencing a large-scale problem that seems to affect many users - I got it myself. If you check, you will notice that Mojang is having server troubles.


You can either set online-mode=false in your server.properties or wait for Mojang to resolve this. The setting will cause the server to skip authenticating clients with Mojang, which is a double-edged sword. For a small private server, it should be safe to use.

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Minecraft (Mojang) servers are offline.

I have the same issue. Started playing offline for the moment.


Do a basic

ping session.minecraft.net

in your command prompt and if they are back online again you will see the answer to the ping.



3 minutes difference :)

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