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any way to fix the iron blocks chisel glitch?


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Short answer: No.


Long answer: Me and someone else attempted to mess around with the chisel configs to see if there was a setting combination that would enable them to work again, what we attempted to try failed to get it to work and we were out of options to mess around with. Wait for an update to Chisel that this modpack gets and it should be working again then.

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That'd be similar to asking when the next modpack version is being released, answer is no idea. I do know that a lot of mods are working toward 1.7.2-1.7.10 support and probably wont update 1.6.4 much if at all unless theres a serious game-breaking bug (lack of chiseling a block isnt game-breaking btw) that arises somewhere. My best suggestion is to go to the chisel mod page and see whats going on with the mod there (i do not recommend asking for an eta on the next version or a fix though since its often frowned upon, however if you do find a fix over at their thread, feel free to let us know here)

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