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Mobs can't spawn on conveyors.

The grinder may be clogged - it needs an output for items (the pipe next to it may work if it's changed from input to output, but you're best off putting down a chest/locker and pulling out from that).

The autospawner needs mob essence in addition to power, it's the green liquid that'll come out of the grinder.  Note that you won't get as much mob essence back from grinding a mob as it takes to spawn one - if you're setting this up early I like to build my first one around one of the zombie/skeleton spawners underneath the wickermen (because they're on the surface and pretty easy to find and build around in very early game).

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It is?  I hadn't noticed that, good spotting - the 'sharp saw bit' should face the monsters with the hole at the back end.  There's levers on the grinder and autospawner I forgot to mention too - if those levers are on (sending a signal) they'll turn the machines off, the machines are running by default without a signal.

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