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I need help alleviating a strange bug with Archimedes ships and Enhanced portals.


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My issue is:


I have an Archimedes ship that I wish to fly through an Enhanced Portal that takes me to the End.


The issue this causes:


When I fly the ship through the portal the ship teleports without me. When I go through, the ship is not there.




What I did to try and solve it:


I put poppit shelves in all the chunks the portals are in. Nothing.


I built 2 portals in the Overworld and flew through one and came out the other no problem. I tried vertical and horizontal variations of portals in the Overworld and had no issues.



I never found the ships. It is as if they warp to no mans land. If anyone knows anything please help. I spent over 3 hours building a helicopter to kill the Enderdragon. I wanted to video which showcased a few mods and use those mods against the Enderdragon.

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