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ComputerCraft and Big Reactors


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I built my first massive reactor (max height), and manually adjusting the control rods is not something I want to do anymore. 


So I started researching computercraft, and found lots of neat programs... for version 1.6.3. 


Tekkit has 1.5.8. Anyone have any favorite Big Reactor (actively cooled) programs they'd like to share?


(I manually installed the latest Big Reactor mod update, so I have 0.3.4A2)





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I think I found my answer:


I need to wait. 



I have no idea about the workings of Computercraft, but it should be noted that we are right on the edge of the CC1.5>CC1.6 migration right now. In 1.2.9e (recommended), you should be able to do everything the old CC1.5 way. In the 1.2.10 beta, we currently seem to have a mismatch with the BigReactors version, which only supports CC1.6. And there is still only CC1.5 in there. So make sure you don't use the beta if you want BigReactors to work with ComputerCraft.


Tekkit devs have >acknowledged that the CC1.6 update is up in the near future (barring any problems that might still arise). Probably another beta release soon.

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