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Anyone have a lead on converting a Tekkit Lite world back to a Tekkit Classic?

Matt M

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I know that a lot of things where changed. I'm mainly interested in getting an empty structure made out of redstone lamps, redstone wire, information panels, glass fibre wire, MSFU, HV solar arrays and blocks that I know exist in both versions. 


I'm only interested in converting this one thing. I've used MCEdit to insolate the chunk and put it in a map that is just it. So I'm looking to convert that chunk back to Tekkit Classic, then copy it into the Tekkit Classic world, to save myself about 6 months of construction time. 


Any help would be appreciated. 


It should be noted that originally I was able to use mldas to convert the tekkit classic world into the world I'm now trying to convert back. I know it's possible, just need help generated the patch file, etc. 


Thanks for any help and or feedback. 



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