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My account was hacked but im back


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It all started when i went off technic (The launcher and the website) to have a party then 3 days later my account got hacked, so i couldn't login i pressed Forgot Password and put in my email address, but when i got on Gmail it said there was suspicious activity on my email and that i had to wait 24 hours before i could change my password and log back on. After waiting a day and catching some good sleep (you should try this sleep helper app called SleepGenius its basically a white noise) so i changed my password, and i forgot what i was supposed to be doing i whole reason i remembered was because i was doing some YouTube channel browsing and found Dragnoz (Check him out) He has a Attack of The B-Team lets play then i remembered so i changed my password for technic, and found out they made a post on my profile but i got rid of it 

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