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How to add mods to a pack?


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Hi, I have been using tekkit for a long time but there is one thing I have never figured out. How to add mods! I dont know if this is possible but if it is could somebody help me. I would really like to add all the mekanism mods, chisel and the statues mod. Thank you in advance to anyone who can help me :)

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For simple mods, it's as easy as locating the mods directory under tekkitmain and dropping the mod jars in there. Just make sure you have the latest 1.6.4-based version of the mod.


However, if the mod introduces additional blocks to the game, it will most likely cause ID conflicts with existing blocks. These have to be resolved. Also, if you want interaction with other mods, e.g. your mod added a new axe and you want Treecapitator to work with it, then you'll also have to modify existing config files.


This is all not trivial, and casual users should stay away from that stuff. There is an enormous amount of complete, working packs on the launcher, so maybe the thing you want is already out there somewhere. Be warned, though, that there are also a number of packs out there that don't work too well, or are flat-out broken. There are no resources in the Technic Pack project to do quality assurance on all of them.

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