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Attack of The B-Team not work.


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Hi guys, today I almost got the urge to play ModPack and the first one I wanted to try was one of Attack of The B-Team and then download all the things I do and I press play, only that you open Minecraft and remains locked Mojang written on and after a minute brings me back to the screen Tecnic Launcer. I tried with other ModPack as the BigDig, HackMine, Voltz and they all work, it's just one of Attack of The B-Team that does not work. I reset and reinstalled the files several times but did not go, I dedicate the maximum ram goes to the Technique launcher but not always ... 
Here are the logs today I try to initialize the Modpack: http://pastebin.com/DTntVLx5 
Sorry if there are errors in handwriting because I'm Italian and I used a translator to write a simple problem, you can also answer me in English, do not be no problem. 
Thank you.
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Your logs appear to have been deleted.

At any rate, you need to check out the Tracker.


Have a search there first to see if the anybody else had the same problem. Their solution might help you as well. If it didn't help, post on the Tracker.

Make sure you follow these when you do. It makes providing help a lot easier.

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