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Elite-Factions [Tekkit Lite][Interactive spawn][PVE][Factions][NO raid]


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Note: will have jobs that anyone can be assigned to coming up in the next month, these will give out cash to players who complete them successfully. Some of the jobs include real estate of your own homes (must be approved by jared to be in spawn), para-medics (have kit medic), hitman, and much more!
So why join EFTL?
-We have a interactive spawn, meaning you can buy player shops in a giant mall, buy fully protected apartments for you and your friends with in game cash (this is also accepted via donation, or acceptation of moderator application), and much more!
-We have a fully functional forums on our website, http://elite-factions.webs.com/. The forums allows you to ask questions, post your mind, and even apply for moderator status!
-Speaking of moderator status, we have a moderator rank pick in about a month for the best applicant on our website!
-Then Last but not least, we have random drop parties, server wide events that give out lots of in game cash, and a nice, yet rule based, staff selection.
​What will the experience be like?
-We are working on votifier right now!
-Auto-Restart system that tells you every so often when the server will restart.
-You may have the owner come by and pimp your house for no cost.
-friendly players and staff willing to help
-And much more!
So give us a try, even if your on the fence.  We may not have a lot of people yet, but trust me, I will do everything in my power to change that!
-Jared (Owner of Elite-Factions)
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