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1.6.4 Community Based Server! [Player Feedback is Heard]

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     Server is currently looking for new active players! If Interested please message me.


     Daily Players: RetroxGamer, Elkhawk, EnderFreshy, RayTheKnight


     Banned Items: C4, Hand Grenade, Quarry


     Server can be changed and stuff can be added depending on what you the players want!

     Want Pvp all the time? Vote for it! Want to be able to protect your land with a mod or a plugin? Vote for it!

     Don't like the terrain generation? Vote to change it!


     Want to feel rich by having lots of money in server? Vote to add in shops!

     Don't like shops and think items should be bartered for? Vote for vending machines or trading tables!

     Don't think that people who type in chat should be heard a million blocks away? Fear no more and vote for bubble chat!

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