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  1. 1. How old is the owner? 2. How many have been accepted? 3.Is everyone sporadic or do you have a close-knit village going on?
  2. Since it's open to the public I doubt any close friendships have formed except the people who put this up, and guessing there's no teamspeak.
  3. Why Skype? Do not have TeamSpeak or Ventrilo? Skype uses up so much memory.
  4. Server is currently looking for new active players! If Interested please message me. Daily Players: RetroxGamer, Elkhawk, EnderFreshy, RayTheKnight Banned Items: C4, Hand Grenade, Quarry Server can be changed and stuff can be added depending on what you the players want! Want Pvp all the time? Vote for it! Want to be able to protect your land with a mod or a plugin? Vote for it! Don't like the terrain generation? Vote to change it! Want to feel rich by having lots of money in server? Vote to add in shops! Don't like shops and think
  5. IGN: RetroxGamer Age: 18 Location: U.S.A East Coast Job: In-between. Smoke? No Drink: Just a sip Night owl until the sun rises. I think morph should be removed because it makes it to easy. Mods to add? Well message me first if interested. Little about myself? I want to start a minecraft community...from a village, to a town to a whole new world! Flattest of lands for best of buildings and railroads, deepest of pits for the largest storage, friendly and open to all. I have Ventrilo, and Skype, I can get teamspeak if that's what you prefer. I do agree with what you have to offer and I g
  6. IGN: RetoxGamer Age: 18 Why I want to join? Well I've applied for other servers just recently as in the last 10 minutes and figured I put in application here to. I don't believe in greifing and don't believe in creative mode. Looking for a friendly community with big projects to help on. Location: U.S.A East Coast. How well do I know the modpack? 5 but I have prior experience to all the mods in the mod-pack before it came out. Do I Agree with the rules? Yes, depending on what kind of pranks you are talking about....cause pranks usually lead to griefing so I am unsure.
  7. IGN: RetroxGamer Age: 18 Location: U.S.A East Coast Modpack experience: 5 Building Skills: Decoration:4 Flat:10 Underground:8 Storage:6 Why me? I am a dedicated person who prefers strictly survival. Not one for creative. I dislike pvp and greifing. I want go from a village to a town I also have 8gb of ram I can allocate on top. So I shouldn't have any lag if you really do have 10gb put into the server. Not to fond of pg-13 servers. Previously played on my friends server before he was shipped to Afghanistan. Played with him for a year and half and haven't played recently so I'm looking to
  8. Ign: RetroxGamer Age: 18 Country: U.S.A ps. East Coast. Why totalattack? Looking for a server in general to play on.My friend was shipped to Afghanistan so his server was shut down. Been browsing through custom modpacks and none are really to exciting. So I decided to give attack on b-team a try and ur server has essientials and anti-grief so I decided to apply. Not to sure about all these 13 year olds though. Also if the lag is as terrible as what it sounds then I won't be around long. However though I have 8gb of ram to allocate. Would you find my name on MCBANS? Hopefully not since I
  9. The custom mod pack one needs update. the server has secretroomsmod and tinkers construst but the url you had us add on your site doesn't include those mods. Also there is 0 people on your server.
  10. Are you not excepting new to people to your server or are you merely fixing bug issues? Really depressing seeing 0 people on.
  11. When I try to join server it says there items 31994, 31995, 31996, 31997, 31998 from Mod Tubes is missing and 5257, 5258,5259, 5260, 5261 is mismatched between world and game. I think url needs updated?
  12. Your server says no one is on and that I am not whitelist. This saddens me after receiving confirmation that I had been added to white list as of earlier yesterday/today
  13. IGN(In game Name) RetroxGamer Age: 18 Where are you from? Eastern Coast of U.S.A What do you like to build? Underground structures and storage facilities, railroads. What do you like to do mostly? Landscaper, Item collector. Why do you want to play on this server? My friend owned the last server and he got shipped over-seas and had no one to run the server so I'm looking for a new one. Do you have teamspeak? No but I can get one easily if that is required. Also what modpack is this?
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