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  1. Those goddamn mongorians bettah not break-a my shitty wall!
  2. David_Wolfe

    Battle Towers

    Unfortunately this has been reported as a bug before, if you create the world on creative none of the dungeons appear to be populated properly. You could try to recreate the world (using the minecraft recreate function), otherwise using MCEdit to copy your base over from the old world if you had one.
  3. It's not called an 'unstable rift' for nothing. Make sure to always have a rift remover at hand, or a dimensional gate to place over the rift if you don't want your house to be blown to shreds.
  4. Read the book again. Also look at the wikipedia page. http://wiki.technicpack.net/Smeltery_Multi-Block_Structure
  5. David_Wolfe

    Battle Towers

    When a tower is spawned while you are in creative mode or on peaceful, it seems that they don't spawn. I also noticed that for some reason around a large radius of the player spawn they won't spawn. Either that or it could be completely random. Mostly underground towers don't spawn golems for me.
  6. Yes, well, if you would be as kind as to use the search function you'd realize it is actually a problem with a conflict between secretrooms and a chunk load error causing the chunk to be reset. There's no way to revert the damage done unless you've made backups.
  7. Unfortunately it seems to be directly related to Bukkit as far as I can tell. Hence why I don't use it anymore. They 'believe it is fixed' but I call pure grade A+ Horse-manure on this one, as it's happening on multiple servers.
  8. This is not a problem with Hexxit, but with minecraft in general as far as I know. This is one of the glitches I've mentioned earlier of which all admins always claim to be completely oblivious or that the user in question is lieing about it to get free experience. Unfortunately it has to do with chunks somehow storing the player's stats and not updating that information untill the player goes through that area again. Normally, chunks unload after a while, but chunks around a portal will stay in their active state and always consider the player to have the level they have when they entered/left, thus giving you potentially infinite experience if you plan it right. That being said, I have yet to test if this works in single player(/without multiverse)
  9. Update your java Are you even running the server from the included launch.bat and the game through the technicpack launcher? Edit: Why on earth would you not use the launcher and use mcpatcher instead?
  10. http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/32x-johnsmith-technic-tekkit.29809/ http://www.jslegacy.com/
  11. Then it's not the same error. Make your own bugreport here http://forums.technicpack.net/forums/hexxit-bug-board.94/
  12. It's because you're using that 'thing' called Sphax as a texture pack. Due to the texture sizes being to big it won't load into the game and causes a crash due to your GPU not being able to handle the bitmap size... or... something. Downgrade to 64x or get a different texture pack that's worth using.
  13. Aside from shears becoming an omnitool that can somehow cut down trees and burn houses, some items introduced/fixed in 1.0.5 (offlawn) might become incompatible with clients. That's about it.
  14. Again, write a bug report about this if you could. Afteredit: I reïnstalled a new batch for the server and now notice some files are indeed different from the client version, however nothing that seems to be causing problems.
  15. This is a known issue. Don't use them.