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How to raise my Allocated memory?


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Hey guys :) If you can help me and you are german then pls answer in german so i can understand it easier :)


So my problem is, that i have just 494mb (100%) of allocated memory and this is the reason why i am lagging. I clicked on the options in the technic launcher and set my memory on 4gb but it did not change anything. I have "java 8 update 11 (64bit) " installed.


Hoping for some good answers ! :)

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Java 8 isn't recommend to be used. Uninstall, reboot and then install Java 7 64-bit. Second, the memory allocation issue is related to an environmental variable. Click start, enter "environment" and click "edit environmental variables for your account" and remove _JAVA_OPTIONS from the top and bottom lists. A reboot may be necessary.


(If you cannot understand this I'll speak in german although my vocab isnt the best :P)

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