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Cant play online


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Ive played tekkit in the past for a while and my computer went trash so i purchased a few new hard drives and now when i launch the tekkit launcher both as a user and as an administrator and it keeps saying something about the auth at minecraft.net and its really making me mad because i really want to play also i have turned off my firewall but i dont know how to disable my antivirus if that helps please someone help me thanks

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Please take all issues to the tracker, following the template.


However, login issues do not belong there, either, as we cannot help you with them. Your login is handled by Mojang servers, so if login/authentication fails, then your problem is with Mojang, not Tekkit. You can always check here if Mojang's servers are having issues. If they don't, and you still cannot login, then you are having a network issue of your own. Either locally or with your Internet Service Provider.

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