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Needing assistance Learning Spellscript


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A few of my friends and I are trying to make a h/m server with a Sword Art Online theme, However we don't have the Knowledge Required to use spellscript. We know it is possible to use spellscript to create custom weapons and classes and are wanting to make a special class and a number of custom weapons for our server. We would Greatly Appreciate any help that you can offer.
Any Tutorials or Tips on this specific matter will be helpful. There are certain details that we want implemented into the server and I would like to know if it is possible.

1. Just having a single class with several different Skill trees For a variety of skills. ( would need the Skill gui to scroll)

2. Having special Ranks automatically given to players that complete The Main custom dungeons.

3. Players Being able to create parties and Guilds along with many commands that are meant for Parties or Guilds.

4. Have Villagers sell Specific Items like a villager that only sells food items and another sells Weaponry.

5. Have a dungeon chest Get reset automatically Every time someone activates a redstone signal (like if it is set so it will have a unique item in it and once a player takes the item and another player enters the dungeon while stepping on a pressure plate giving the chest the unique item again.)

6. Inventory sharing (like the marriage thing in SAO)


 These are just some of the things I wanted to add to the server. As you can tell, I can think big. Now I have already been through the wiki's on Hack/mine however I havent been able to find anything useful on learning to use spellscript for customizing the server like I am planning. Please don't send me a link to the Wiki's as I have been through them.

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