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  1. sorry dude, but walker swords can teleport through anything. try building your base so far under people can't detect it, and maybe even som traps where a walker sword teleporter would fall through the bedrock and die
  2. well, you have almost no replies Skuli. "Pick me! Pick me!" right now, I'm actually interested in Iskanders progress with Hexxit if it's possible to know. oh, and if need be and a month-later reply is still fine then ill go for it.
  3. Are you the creator of the modpack "hexx reloaded" ?
  4. This is the kind of comment I don't like. This is clearly a bias opinion, and you don't care to explain why you believe so. This type of comment gives a descent explanation as to why am2 wouldn't be included in the mod. Another reason i like moderators of the technic team, they think before they post.
  5. Very nice Server Post. it's neat, elegant, informative, easy to navigate, and a lot of nice pictures
  6. If you're gonna put a mod like thaum in there, I'd at least like to see a magic mod like Ars magica 2 or something, i think the magic aspect compliments dungeon raids and other scenarios such as riding on a stallion while wearing thief's armor... Hey, that's just MY vision. who knows what yours is? (besides the obv. Thaumcraft )
  7. maybe the server had a plugin which could be exploited by the players, i believe this happened to a server i played on about a year ago (i can remember most of the details of what happened that day) interestingly enough, there were two players that day, and one was Adolfhitler, who coincidentally nicknamed me "APoorHelplessJew"
  8. i believe that frizzil has actually come back to the mod and is updating it to the latest minecraft version >>>Click the shameless link below!<<< http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/wip-mods/1438939-1-2-3-hack-slash-mine-updating-to-latest
  9. it's hard to dictate the problem and the cause when we dont know what mod pack, or what mods your using. my best guess is a corrupted chunk. Try to move the player to spawn, or jail them while they are offline so they dont crash the server when they join
  10. I'd like to have T.construct, but not thaumcraft since its not really a machine-based mod. plus i dont think 1.4.7 is a good host for either of these mods
  11. The title's format is wrong, it should look like this: [1.0.10]DinkleCraft[PvE][30slots][No Whitelist] Nothing banned! Your server description talks more about the nameless players than the actual server. No list of major plugins("Tpa" isn't a mod), server rules, details defining the server and why players should join it, etc. There isn't even an IP here, and you didn't mention if it's whitelisted or not considering that we need to recieve a PM to get the IP. there are more rules and guidelines at '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> since i didnt mention all of them, just the ones that are most important
  12. im pretty sure it was, unless they removed chocolate quest in the 2.0.1 dev
  13. Frizzil has decided to update hack/mine after he abanonded it for a few years, the new update (minecraft latest) will be available sometime in september or october.
  14. if you aim for raiding and/or griefing, i would suggest this:keep inventory OFF, Factions (Claiming), Mcmmo (To make things more interesting), pvp timer (so new players cant be killed), and a very strong policy against bypassing spawn's protection. also: ban the Ender bow (crashes server), Bags (not backpacks, bags are used to duplicate), ALL capsule stations & Capsule (duplication).
  15. permission to point out where he went wrong?
  16. Chocolate quest is essentially better dungeons, just a different name.
  17. if/when you do decide to setup a test server for the new hexxit build, I'd love to know the servers IP :p

    1. Quantekk


      Indeed you can. i will post it on the forums.

  18. I'ts all based on opinion, i personally do not think thaumcraft would go well with hexxit because it's more of an end game mod, and you have to do a lot of research to get stuff, where as hexxit is about adventuring with a touch of magic (A good example of both of those would be better dungeons)
  19. i noticed when testing that i didn't see the hexxit armor Scale, Thief, and Tribal. di you forget about them or have you decided to remove the armors?
  20. This server has been reposted clearly, and editing your first server post doesn't make it right to put this one up, which means that you need to get a forums moderator to delete it '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
  21. IGN: _Venema_ Age: 14 (15 in september) Experience: i am pretty good with tekkit lite, ive playd it for a while now, only flaw is that i like doing things by han more often then having automated machinery Question: is it possible to make an acception to my age? Skype: N/A
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