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Outdated server?


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1.Get the hack/mine server documents

2.Get minecraft server version 1.2.3 (with minecraft version changer or something like it)

3.Insert the hack/mine server files into your created minecraft.jar for your server

4.Test run the server by directly connecting to itand typing 'local host' as the address

5.set up your hamachi server and have your friends connect to it

6.Go back to your server files there should be a property file named 'server' with information and settings for your server open it with text or word edit

7.Go to the line that says server-ip and type the number for your hamachi connection after it

8.Have your freinds use this number to connect to the esrver in minecraft


Check your connection to hamachi, if the connection is poor you can't connect to the internet and they can't connect to you likewise if there connection to your comupter if poor they won't have access

Make sure that your freinds have the exact number as the hamachi not all the extra numbers only the ones before the '\'

If it's having trouble add the port nuber from the server properties file

hope this helps.

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