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  1. So you tried to type localhost when you ran the server? Okay try this for me. Take everything out of the server folder except for the server run exe/jar and start it up again so it gives you fresh files. Then try and run it and access it in your hack/mine client by typing 'localhost' to test the connection without the ip put into the server configuration file. If it connects attempt to connect again using 'localhost' after you put in the server ip
  2. Here you go buddy here is my working Hack/Mine version 5.2 server. If you want to update it to a 5.3 all you'd have to do is drag in the 5.3 game files in the same way they did in the other videos I'd imagine. But if you don't want to be bothered for that update just play on the 5.2 version. It's fun all the same. [ftp=ftp://www.mediafire.com/?8aflmo2t3xqul28]http://www.mediafire.com/?8aflmo2t3xqul28[/ftp]
  3. Adventure Tip: You can spam arrows and never run out as long as there are creatures to kill.
  4. Now this sounds cool as a splash spell boom you are all eggs now! lol I'll deal with you later.
  5. then why that second ref erence image? :S
  6. So it's like a were bat thing? I don't get it. :S It's creepy and messed up looking. How would someone make a model for that?
  7. I like binding my jump spell to shift+spacebar it seems to be the easiest way to do it. BUt yeah the other spells are kinda annoying to flip through at times. The whole item binding to spells idea was brought up in another page I think. :T can't remamber where though. But honestly it would make things slightly easier maybe if center click was spell casting and there was another bar above the current one? then there would be two hotkey sets, both '1234...' and 'zxcv...' but then again that might work with the current system. Maybe if center click was cast instead of ctrl+right click? Just throwing things out there I guess.
  8. hahahaha I wouldn't doubt it, sometimes people have their heads on backwards you know?
  9. Most of what you're suggesting is/are things that frizzil is aware of (not to be a suggestion smasher) and working on, in fact in most of your comments you mention that you 'know that there is going to be (insert thing here) in next version' what about adding this with it? Not to say that I dont like some of your ideas, but a shape shifter class? really? you know how much coding that would take? Maybe if hack/mine was combined with smart moving? that would cover the whole one block high gap thing? right? You'd just crawl and badda bing badda bang. And he's got water mobs in the works he's just waiting to implement a lot of things untill the 1.3 minecraft update. so that everything works much more smoothly. That's all.
  10. A quick few questions for Frizzil: 1) Are you only planning on updating hack/mine as soon as vanilla minecraft updates to 1.3? If so would you be open to uploading a single appeaser update for all those impatient users out there? 2) Are you open to submissions to the mod? (I ask this because of my increased interest in creating mods myself) Like mob, item, block and texture, etc. submissions? 3) Is it only you working on the mod currently? 4) What do you plan on working on first when the 1.3 update for minecraft comes out?
  11. Meh, I mean if the pages are adjusted for the crafting, chests, furnaces, etc. then you'd realize it, but as it stands I think people need to chill bout it is all, it's not like we don't have more space it just needs to be properly organized and not stuffed full of junk that we'll never use. Right?
  12. Re: Anyone Got Any Pro-tips? Jump off a 300+ block high tower for extra fun lol
  13. the weapons just need the stats is all, I mean he could implement them to appear in the game fairly easily by adapting the code he's written already but idk if he's still taking finals who knows. All we can do is wait and hope for the best. :)
  14. Thx! He said he might use the wands and personally I'm seeing about making a texturepack as soon as it updates. :)
  15. He's not going to add more invintory space sir. For one, he meant it to be the size it is for a reason, it's an already expanded version of the standard minecraft inventory, hsouldn't that be enough? For two, you are MEANT to make descisions, you aren't supposed to keep crap weapons from the begining of the game or leather armor that you'll never use. You are meant to recycle and reuse things. For three, the only thing that might change is inv management including the chest, forge, crafting, and enchanting screens. To acomidate the expanded space. Bottom line is that there is more space than normal, you are being whiney, if you want more space just install the backpack mod.
  16. Steps: 1.Get the hack/mine server documents 2.Get minecraft server version 1.2.3 (with minecraft version changer or something like it) 3.Insert the hack/mine server files into your created minecraft.jar for your server 4.Test run the server by directly connecting to itand typing 'local host' as the address 5.set up your hamachi server and have your friends connect to it 6.Go back to your server files there should be a property file named 'server' with information and settings for your server open it with text or word edit 7.Go to the line that says server-ip and type the number for your hamachi connection after it 8.Have your freinds use this number to connect to the esrver in minecraft Troubleshooting: Check your connection to hamachi, if the connection is poor you can't connect to the internet and they can't connect to you likewise if there connection to your comupter if poor they won't have access Make sure that your freinds have the exact number as the hamachi not all the extra numbers only the ones before the '\' If it's having trouble add the port nuber from the server properties file hope this helps.
  17. Re: Anyone Got Any Pro-tips? I get what you're saying, non-the-less here's small tip: To tank a spawner jump up on it hold sneak and then try to break it.... works everytime.
  18. I think that it's unnecessary to include the [dev] title dev/ mod/ admins get around to topics that draw their attention sure they ARE more likely to read a topic with [dev] in the title only because they'll question what if so important that you had to draw their attention. But don't cry wolf. If the devs or mod/admins don' like a post they could ignore our future suggestions. It's happened before, trust me. On that note I believe that the devs already have a lot on their plate right now and that the long list of suggestions have been piling up on their plate. I'm sure they have in mind what they want to add right now and a compiled repeat might not be what they are looking for. He's said on other posts that he's in the middle of finals so I'm sure as soon as that's over we'll see a new version to play and have a good time with. http://forums.technicpack.net/index.php/topic,9258.0.html He's said that he's wait for a few things before he gets things running up again so here's to looking ahead! Cheers!
  19. haha I know what you mean, I feel like they have 8 people on their team and it takes less time for a person to come out with a giant mod than it does for them to come out with an update. They need to get focused dammit! >.< !!!!!!NO OFFENSE MEANT TO BE TAKEN BY THE MOJANG CREW OR IT'S AFFILIATES!!!!!
  20. Bug fix patch? for the 12w17a update?