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Can't use King Slime in my auto spawner?


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So I finally had a king slime spawn and stuck him in a safari net. I've placed it in my auto spawner which has plenty of poer and juice, and is an area 11x11x3. With exact copy set to yes, the work bar reaches the top and nothing happens, with exact copy set to no I do get smaller slimes spawning (even a skeleton riding a blue slime a couple of times, that was weird). I am playing in single player.

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

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Well that may have been A problem, but it wasn't THE problem.

I've pushed the area down 2 (because of the where this is in my base) so the area is now 11x11x5 and I am still getting the same result. Work goes to full and nothing happens. Work stays full.


nvm, he did eventually spawn in... I guess he's 5x5x5, so with the spawner being in the bottom level it took a while to get a valid position.

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If the work stays full, and the idle timer bounces from 10 to 0, it means it cannot find a legal spawning space. Remember the auto-spawner only checks 4 blocks out, and if theres any blocks in the way it won't spawn. Also remember conveyor belts count as a full block for spawning purposes.

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