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How do i ban items?

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I'm actually using essentials for this, here's an example from the Essentials YAML;

    on-placement: 10,11,46,327
    on-use: 327,13167,13168,13169,13170


    # Which blocks should people be prevented from placing?

    # Which items should people be prevented from using?
    usage: 13168,13167,13070,13168,13169

    # Which blocks should people be prevented from breaking?

    # Which blocks should not be pushed by pistons?

    # Which blocks should not be dispensed by dispensers

Note that it's far from complete, but it's fine for a whitelist server.  I would strongly recommend a lot more logging or outright banned items on a public server.


The alert: section simply puts a note in the logs that a player used an item at a position in the world at a time, so that's all the info you usually need to confirm griefing after the fact (I prefer to do it that way round as people can usually find a way to be disruptive if they so desire, this just gives them some easy ropes to hang themselves with so I can fix up their damage, identify them and warn/ban them later).


The blacklist: section actually disables those items from being usable. (again, this is 'banned items', usually preferable on a public server where you can't take the time to talk to everyone who acts like a dick)


Worldguard's version is pretty similar to this, I think it calls it "Log" rather than "Alert" though.


None of this is built into the B-Team, though, you'll need to start with what I suggested;

  1. Install Cauldron on your server.  Problems/difficulties with that should probably go to their forums/tracker.
  2. Install some plugin to Cauldron that'll do what you want - Essentials, WorldGuard, Towny? (does towny do items?  I know it can handle restricting them in certain areas so it probably can do 'worldwide' versions).  Problems/difficulties with those typically go on their forums.
  3. Configure the plugin with what items you'd like to log or Ban (slightly different depending on what you got in the previous step, though it's always pretty similar, some kind of XML file somewhere).  This part you might want to be back on these forums for advice on what items cause problems commonly, and why people ban/log their use.
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