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What kind of tekkit server would you like to play on?

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I've been looking for a tekkit server to play on but I haven't been able to find one that I like, so i'm thinking about making one of my own and release it to the public or maybe a whitelisted server with people that are mature and won't be annoying. So my question to you is, what kind of server would you want to play on, just a pure survival server with zero plugins, this server would be just a chill server where you come on and build (this one would be whitelisted and you would have to apply) , or a server with a bunch of plugins, with shops,arenas,pvp (this one would be open to the public). It would only be a 20 slot server if I decided to whitelist it and if I didn't then it would more than likely be a 50 slot server.

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Whitelisting seems to be the best idea, as long as you actually look at applications instead of just approving all but the worst.

You should really pick a theme and go with it.

PVP or no?

Would you rather the population group up to tackle big projects and other groups, or just let them all do their own thing.

Do you want greifers to completely ruin your server within an hour of it going live?

Make your server based on what YOU want to play. I guarantee you'll get atleast a handful of dedicated players.

Though me personally? I'd go for mcmmo with iconomy + chestshops and towny based PVP (players must join/start a town, all land is protected otherwise) with EE and a couple of the big lag inducers turned off.

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The whitelisted server would be where you come on and just chill and build stuff and some pvp if you and the other player would want to battle it out and see who is the best with nothing banned,but the nukes would be nerfed alittle, while a public server would be a bunch of shops, towns, pvp and alot of of items banned so it doesn't cause a bunch of lag and so people don't abuse them. That's the downside about public servers.

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