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[1.0.12a] Wolfzcraftz [PvP][20][whitelist][No mods removed.]

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server ip :


rules : No abusing morph mod : flying can be used to travel big distances to explore etc NOT in pvp or when walking around your home.


* You can build while morphed to make it easyer tough ...


No griefing/stealing


No innapropriate language.


No abusing/glitching advanced genetics.


* this also means no flying in pvp using advanced genetics.


We wan't some more nice people on the server . not too many tough.

we want them to interact with eachtoher.

We would rather not see any lone survivors so please coöperate with other survivors.



We already have a mountain outpost and some flat building ground nearby. we would love to see people build there. to create a server town.




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The server is down or something because it didn't work

also it says whitelist but i don't see anything you need to know about us, so we just improvise?


IGN: roostevaba123

Age: 16

About me: I like building and co-operating with others to m

server down up tomorrow

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Hey mate


ign: Shadow_Nova45 


btw i could join argairan skies because it kept crashing :/

also could i have my Moderator rank back or do i have to earn it again?

ofcourse you can come back ... whitelisted i missed you

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