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[1.3.9]Soiherduleik2dig Big Dig Server PVE! No pvp! No Grief or raid!


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IP: soiherduleik2dig.com


The current banned items are item router, explosives, and whatever else I found most servers banned, such as dimension doors. If im missing anything crucial that could potentially screw up the server please let me know as I am VERY inexperienced in big dig! :P


This server just opened publicly a few days ago, and the spawn is not the best right now. I am mainly looking for some experienced players to get on and help by providing info.


The server is sort of in beta phase I guess, not fully finished, but figured I would let some people on at first to see what items people abuse and if the server can handle the players etc.


I know its currently not the best and will improve with due time.

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Might just be me..... But it seems the server is in a constant state of being down... Now i know resets do happen every couple hours [as annoying as it is to me] it seems it hasent come back up yet. Now i dont know how often you check this site sir but id like you to possibly see into this issue. or give some sort of website if you have one at all. If not i do hope this issue fixes itself as i do like this server and planned to start donating next month or so.

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I am aware of the crashes and I do apologize for this issue, we did not have enough ram. I am in the process of transferring us to a server with more ram, the ip will stay soiherduleik2dig.com so make sure you are using that one and not our numerical ip(one with numbers) , I will update this as soon as it gets up and running on our new higher ram plan, and hopefully that should take care of the constant crashes.


I have been busy with college and work and havent much time to look into this as I probably should have, and I really do apologize and hope you continue to enjoy it when its back.


Please do let me know if you have any more questions or concerns, I am more than happy to provide an answer.


You can always add me on skype for faster contact

Skype: Crystacune



We are now back in action,Server is back up on the ip listed in the post!

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