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Technical Issues


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So most of you have heard of the technic pack?

If you haven't watch this!

If you have watch this!

Im making a series of the technic pack. I need your support, comments, likes, dislikes, subscribes, whatever to help me know if I should wait until im older, yes I am a kid, or just continue now and build subscribers and followers

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It is in my opinion that you should immediately stop uploading videos this instant. From watching at least part of your video, I ascertained that you aren't particularly good at Technic, you aren't particularly fast at it and have absolutely nothing interesting to say at all.

Just looking at the Let's Play Pavilion it seems there are mountains of these and whilst you are not certainly the worst, you are certainly pretty far down. The render distance being set to tiny(?) didn't help the tech quality either. I'd say, wait until you are good enough to be considered useful to watch or just don't do it.. full stop.

As a matter of fact.. how about you remove the existing videos, ask the admins to delete this thread and just wash your hands of this entire Let's Play thing?

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