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[1.0.12a] Carbon Expansion [PvP][50 slots][No Whitelist] The base of all life.


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Server I.P. Address: carbonexpansion.minecraft.ms



- No killing in or around spawn.

- No Tag-Locks in or around spawn.

- No spamming.

- No client-side hacks.

- No X-ray/see-through texture packs. (We will check.)

- Respect all players and staff.


The server is expected to be up 24/7.


About The Server

The purest AotBT experience yet. Minimal plugins, no mods or items banned, restricted, or removed. Once you leave the spawn area, you are free to do anything. The server and the community are brand new. We accept players of all ages and do not discriminate. All that we ask is that you follow the rules.


Visit our website!



Join our TeamSpeak server!


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