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Bolgeto's Collaboration of Community Suggestions [Devs Please Read]


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Firstly, I have to say that this has quickly become my most favourite Minecraft mod ever, and with some great additions and improvements (yes I know it's alpha), this could be the BEST RPG mod out there. Keep up the good work Frizzil ;)

Also, I've noticed that this forum is a bit "silent" and "unpopulated". After a couple of days with Hackin' and Slashin', both on public servers, and with friends, I have collected some information and suggestions from people actually playing the game, but not telling the devs, and that is the reason I made this post in the first place, to tell what the general players think, and what they want.

Note that these are suggestions I have collected, with my own personal thoughts behind the ideas, have a good read ;)


I know some kind of NPC chat system is being worked on, and as an addition to this, some players want some goals rather than just running around killing stuff, finding a dungeon and raid it, and continue running around. In a singleplayer world i found an NPC village with two tower dungeons on either side. Having this happening more often, and adding quests to clear them out would make the game a bit more interesting. Maybe have quests being destroying all spawners (making the dungeon destroyable, the Aether mod did something like this) or retrieving an NPC's underwear by slaying the Orc Leader that stole them, and getting rewards for delivering them?

The Underground

As this mod is called "Hack Slash Mine", and that people love making bases and begin mining for materials on public servers. This is REALLY easy because there are almost no mobs spawning underground, and also desireable because crafted iron swords are a bit OP. This is ok, but I think it would be smart to do something about the half of the world that's underground. Underground villages/bases filled with mobs was a good suggestion from my freinds, maybe make "cracks" in the end rooms of underground dungeons for quick access to The Underground? Maybe adding underground structures and dungeons, like vanilla dungeons?

The "One Bolck Fix"

This is one of the most desired fix/addition to the game for now, possibly because of the changing of player height added with races. Most people playing halflings get disappointed that they don't fit through 1 block high spaces, and want halflings (and maybe dwarves) shrunk down so they fit through small gaps. Halflings are my favourite race, but I too was disappointed by this. There was also someone suggesting adding another race (even though 4 races should be enough), being really small and weak, easily fit through 1 block gaps, and maybe have the ability to fly, closest thing i could think about are pixies and fairies. Maybe buffing steves and elves, or giving them other abilities could help balancing the game if this is added?

Shapeshifter class (?)

One of the most interesting suggestions i found. As a continuation to The One Block Fix, my friends started talking about the possibility of becoming mobs that fit through 1 block gaps. They wanted to be chickens (with the ability of gliding through the air), and one of my friends started talking about being a pig, and keeping their character skin's head when becoming a pig, and having the 3D snout normal pigs have. He wanted to be able to equip a saddle as a pig, so other people could ride him as a mount. This could be really awesome, and having shapeshifting as an ability, or as "items" (orbs or rings?). A thought he had was gathering "essences" from slain mobs (or chest loot), and crafting 9 together into an orb/ring. Who wouldn't love to explore underground caves and cracks as a small slime? Spiders/cave spiders, pigmen and nagas were desireable as other shapeshifts. I personally would love to outsmart pepole by pretending I'm a chicken, and then change back and take them out by surprise!

Spammable lightning fix

This is actually a personal request from me. Lightning should have a MUCH longer cooldown and don't burn items and experience. Also, why do rangers have a lightning arrow? It makes servers laggy and hurts others even with PVP off. Nuff' said.

Underwater mobs and dungeons

The terrain gen makes giant oceans around the map, being completely empty. No mobs, no dungeons (not even squids xD). With Naga as a shapeshift or race, it could be helpful for reaching underwater dungeons and traveling fast through water. If the ability to fly is somehow added, flying or suspended dungeons could be a possibility. And to fit these settings, MOAR mobs should be added!

Teleportation or fast travel

When adventuring far away from base or spawn, you might want to bring your friends to the nearby village, set spawn in one of the houses, and go hacking and slashing. This is a huge problem when dealing with HUGE distances on the map. I know this is being made, and please make it user friendly and awesome. This is only here because it's highly desireable to teleport between villages and bases.

Please leave a comment and tell the devs what you think would work, what would not, and if there's something I've forgot. Thank you for reading ;)

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Mmm, nothing makes a dev less interested in reading something than saying "devs please read", implying that 1) you know already that your point is so important it requires attention, and 2) you assume that the devs by default ignore everything unless specifically brought to their attention.

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I just think this is important because I have aquired these suggestions for several days. I am only asking the devs to read this and see what the community outside the forums think. If it becomes a problem, I will remove that little note...

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I think that it's unnecessary to include the [dev] title dev/ mod/ admins get around to topics that draw their attention sure they ARE more likely to read a topic with [dev] in the title only because they'll question what if so important that you had to draw their attention. But don't cry wolf. If the devs or mod/admins don' like a post they could ignore our future suggestions. It's happened before, trust me.


On that note I believe that the devs already have a lot on their plate right now and that the long list of suggestions have been piling up on their plate. I'm sure they have in mind what they want to add right now and a compiled repeat might not be what they are looking for. He's said on other posts that he's in the middle of finals so I'm sure as soon as that's over we'll see a new version to play and have a good time with.


He's said that he's wait for a few things before he gets things running up again so here's to looking ahead!



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Most of what you're suggesting is/are things that frizzil is aware of (not to be a suggestion smasher) and working on, in fact in most of your comments you mention that you 'know that there is going to be (insert thing here) in next version' what about adding this with it?

Not to say that I dont like some of your ideas, but a shape shifter class? really? you know how much coding that would take? Maybe if hack/mine was combined with smart moving? that would cover the whole one block high gap thing? right? You'd just crawl and badda bing badda bang.

And he's got water mobs in the works he's just waiting to implement a lot of things untill the 1.3 minecraft update. so that everything works much more smoothly. That's all.

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