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Can´t Plant any " Pipe Wire "


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Hey Guys need your Help. Im New in Tekkit don´t know much.


Problem is I can´t plant any Wire. I have it in Inventory if i press right Mouse button nothing happend. 


It make the Animation not more.


Have the Tekkit Launcher with standart Mod Pack.


Anyone know this ?


Sorry Guys bad English :( 

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You mean insulated copper wire or tin wire? That kind of stuff?


I think I can guess the issue you are having, as I recall something similar when I first started playing Tekkit.


Some of the "blocks" (like wires, conduits, pipes, etc.) can only be placed in certain places. For example, wooden transport pipe will only plant someplace where it will drain something (objects, or whatever) from some other block. I believe it is the Thermal Expansion "energy conduits (lead, hardened, etc.) they will only articulate (connect to) things like dynamos at the top part that looks like the energy outlet area. They can connect to other stuff in a lot of different ways, but with dynamos specifically they will only connect in that one spot.


Now none of that exactly addresses "wire" but it gives you an idea overall about how different 'connector' blocks each have their own 'peculiarities.' Because there are so many different mods, many of which have different pipes and wires and conduits there are a lot of permutations that will work but also a lot that will NOT work.


Now with wire in particular, you are probably trying to connect a couple Buildcraft or Industrialcraft machines right? Say you are connecting a Generator to a Batbox and that then to a macerator or sometthing of that sort? If I recall, the trick on those is that you cannot always actually point AT the machine to which you are trying to connect right-click and have it actually "plant" the wire. Sometimes it will not plant, because the wire doesn't register it as a 'valid' connection. I think this is because it is a front face or something . . .not sure.


Instead what you do is point to an "inert" surface that is orthogonal to the surface you were trying to point at. That sounds really complicated but it is'nt.


Say you got a generator and a batbox, sitting at the same level, front of gen to back of bat box, and one tile gap in between. Instead of pointing at the back of the batbox or front of the generator, point at the floor in between them: it will plant. If you are planting a wire vertically above or below a machine or otherwise planting a wire to connect to a machine that is up in the air and away from any other blocks, then just temporarily place a block up there so that it will have one face orthogonal to the face to which you want the wire to connect.

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