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[req] IC2 thermometer


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another way to monitor heat is if you have (can't remeber exact names) the advanced heat dispensers(plate with blue X on it) and a water cooling unit next to it, it'll balance the heat between them and the reactor, just watch their health and you'll be able to tell the temperature of the reactor, or if you have TMI installed and monitor the numbers it'll tell you the heat directly if you hover over it.

but i agree, the thermometer mod was one i found indespensable when playing single player and building a nuclear reactor.

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I don't know how I will run a nucleur reactor without a thermometer

One of the most odvious ways to tell if its over heating is to go within a 7x7x7 area and you will take damage. This is caused at 70% of Max heat or a wool block might catch on fire at 35%

I need that thermometer

Orw it

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Morning all

Started looking into the issue recently found that you have to backdate a bit to get a working thermometer. V1.1.10 seems to do the trick


i have it working on client side.... the server on the other hand is being far more temperamental. according to the ModLoader.txt

"Warning: mod_IC2Thermometer.class is in the wrong folder (won't be loaded)."

poked about in a few other mods and i am starting to have some idea as to the formatting will play around a bit if i get something working I'll post it if there is a fix to this that i haven't heard of please let me know

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