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i have a few questsions about plugins

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i have tekkit server running, and im interested in adding plugins.

from the scattered pages i have read, it seems as if craftbukkit/bukkit needs to be installed. i realize sence the server is 1.1 i cant use the lasted builds for craft/bukkit, so im searching out versions compatible to tekkit 1.1. is there an easier way to search for 1.1 builds then just surfing each plugin site ? i dont think latest builds would work with tekkit 1.1 , i hope im wrong but it would seem to easy that way! im currently looking to add

Craftbukkit/Bukkit - craftbukkit-1.1-R6-20120301.142116-2

MCmmo - 1.3.02

Iconomy - complete using 6.0.8 1337

Towny - v0.79.1.15 , checking with towny peeps on IRC

LWC - Picked up 4.1.1

Mob Arena - Complete picked up a 1.1

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