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New player, need help!

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Please help. My son, who is 7, had me download this and I have no clue what I am doing. He keeps asking for my help and I'm painfully clueless. Here are the issues at the moment:

1. How does he morph into a bat? Then back to normal?

2. What's up with the minions? I hit the minion key and something that says, "darkness listens" pops up....what is this?

3. Skins...how does he change skins here?

4. Can't shoot a gun....looked under controls but I don't see any control for that.

I apologize if this posts seems a bit "amateur" in fashion :)

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1) To morph into a bat, you'll need to kill one first. Once you've done that, you'll automatically change into one. This'll happen for any creature you kill. To change which one you are, press either "[" or "]" to browse the list of morphs. To change back, you can do the same thing or hold " ` " and move the mouse up. That's using the quickmenu. To register morphs for the quicklist, browse to the morph you likes and while it is on the top of the list (that is, in the selection) press " ` ".


2) You need a certain amount of experience to be able to start the "quest". I think it's two or four levels worth of experience to do the quest once. You need to do it four times. You do it by pressing "z" and then choosing what evil act you want to do. It doesn't matter which you choose. They all contribute the same amount.


3) You'll need to go to Minecraft.net and log in with your Minecraft (username + password) or Mojang (email address + password) account. Click on profile, and you'll be able to upload a new skin. Take note that the changes may take up to an hour to register with the game.


4) Are you referring to Flan's guns? I think it's right mouse click. That, or left mouse. Both do something. One changes to aiming down the sights and the other fires the gun. Give it a whirl. Can't go wrong.

You'll need ammunition for the guns as well, of course.

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