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Problem with the Mod


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Hi i download all things and create a server. now i want to use the things but he said that the item i choose isnt available. on another way he said me i should tell my admin to deaktivate some things. i am the admin. where should i insert following things?





Sry for my english. Pls help

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ok. i push e then i click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner. then on not working. and there is.


"if your server seems to "cancel" what this mod does, its probably caused by it using the nocheatplus plugin. ask your admin to disable the following options:


"inventory.fastclick" and "combined.improbable""


as i said i own the server and dont have nocheatplus. how can i turn off the plugin. or how could i use the items. because when i use them they are for a second in place and then away.

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