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entity models messed up


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I have been having this randomly occoring problem in hexxit 1.5.2 in which some of the entity models/texture are out of wack.

Here are some screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/3nRhe

(Also, can someone tell me why there are endermen spawning in the middle of the ocean? I couldn't find anything on that.)


I'm not sure what is causing this. These are a few of the more minor situations. I've also had several cases where the entity is completely invisable. This isn't consistent and restarting doesn't always fix it. When a broken mob loads correctly, another one seems to break. I've also tried f3+t to reload all models and textures.


Entities I've seen affected:

>all the ones in the screenshots


>villagers (completely invisable except for a shadow)

>blue slime (killed the big one and the smaller ones were invisable.)

>boat (I was traveling and every minute or so the model would change)


I can't seem to recreate any specific mob to glitch.

I should note that I have optifine installed and have updated my graphics and chipset drivers.

I don't know if this is related or not, but I set the useSimpleEntityClassnames to true because the log said that if a certain message was spamming (which it was) then I should do that. (I think I was haveing problems before this too though.)


Anyone know what the problem might be? Should I change something in Optifine? Is it a minecraft 1.5.2 thing? Should I try the Hexxit beta? Any help is appreciated! :)

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The rifts can be contained but the config needs to be set properly for it as theres an option to disable rifts from consuming blocks (allowing you to make it into a farm by encasing it and then just pulling the plug to let mobs fall, etc) but yeah, isnt that way by default. I think the only blocks they may not consume btw is bedrock

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