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DreamCraft [1.2.9e Tekkit Main][PVP][Anti-Grief][No Lag][24/7]


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Connect today at: dreamcrft.com 
Website: www.dreamcrft.com

We are a small and friendly community seeking new like minded players. We are looking for all types of players to come and join us. We have a strong 1gb connection with DDoS protection and 6.6MB of RAM with a dedicated 24/7 host. No lag, no pay2win, with a fair and competitive environment. 

Friendly players come join us today!


Plugins include:



- McJobs

- GriefPrevention


- CoreProtect

- ConquestiaMobs [Customized mob level system]

- iConomy

- Vault

- Nanoguard

- Multiverse




- No banned items

- Earn more claim blocks and money as you play

- Never lose your inventory [inventory protection on]

- PVP & PVE friendly

- Multiple seeds to explore, mine, and build in

- Teamspeak server on our website for those who wish to use it

- Community forums

- Active owner & staff

- Constant upgrades, new areas and challenges

- All mods enabled except Dimensional Doors & Mystcraft


We also have a few additional mob and loot plugins to make for a fun and challenging experience. This is in addition to all the basics such as essentials and your run of the mill plugins that are required to run a secure and stable server. 

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This server is GREAT, the admins are infinitely times more helpful than the other servers. its incredibly fun to play on, and the owner is adding a bunch of other cool stuff, the new ideas seem endless, and just like other rare type of owners, he welcomes its players to give ideas, so come share one of your ideas today. this server lives up to its IP and is like a dream with all its epic buildings scattered around the world (at spawn its hard to miss), at this time it is new and has its set backs, but the owner, named RisidualX is a great contributor to it and is on it endlessly trying to fix and improve upon a young and already great server, there is 1K slots so do not worry about the slots filling up any time soon(AKA invite your friends). Many plugins that make it all so fun if you join now you could see this entire process of a great server unfold under the careful hands of its owner RisidualX and his great staff of admins and builders.

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