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Looked around on forums, can't find a solution for my server! >:

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I'm making a server for my friends and I and I can't figure out a solution. After one thing is solved, another problem happens. I haven't even opened up the server yet. Here is the message i get :


Any solutions? Thanks for reading this and taking your time. HELP ):

EDIT : New problem after reading the one @SimpleGuy sent me,


After pressing enter : http://imgur.com/IMU0W

Sorry too be such a burden :l

Oh and it says "... 6 more" after all the error messages are down popping up..

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Bugs And Their Fixes

Bug: AdvancedMachines IC2 errors A.K.A a giant wall of error text when starting your server.

Cause: Tekkit needs Open JDK 7 to run.

Fix: Download Open JDK 7

To do this, download and install Open JDK 7.

To activate Open JDK 7 you need to open up Java Preferences (/Applications/Utilities/) and drag Open JDK 7 from the bottom of the list to the top.

Note: If your on Snow Leopard, all you need to do to fix this bug is remove advanced machines. This can be done by removing

the advanced machines zip in ~/TekkitServer/mods/

Note: Open JDK 7 is linked in the Downloads section.

The thread above is for Mac, but applies to all operating systems.

TL-DR: you need java 7

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