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Vanilla world on Hexxit?


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Hey guys, me and a few friends have a vanilla 1.7.10 world on our own small server. Is it possible to keep the world that we are using, and transfer it to Hexxit? We want to keep all of the items, buildings and characters we have created, but expand on everything by installing this mod! If there are any possible ways to do this, could you help me out please? :)


I appreciate any help anyone can provide! 


Thanks :)

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My only assumption is you copied the world contents over incorrectly. Post the directory listings (ie: files and folders) of the hexxit servers world folder contents edit:after having done the previous instructions to copy it over.

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I saved my World folder from my vanilla server and then installed the Mod onto the server. I ran the server with the mod, and then removed the world file, and imported mine onto the server. I am still spawning with no items, and in the middle of nowhere. 


Here's a screenshot of my Dedicated Server files - 540d1d48db592.png




I cannot see a Hexxit folder world here atall! The Server properties is also set to 'Level-Name: world' So it's named the same as the server properties. 


Here is an example of ingame on my vanilla world, and then an example of ingame on the hexxit world.





As you can see, when i load into my 'world' on the hexxit server; I spawn in a totally different location, with none of the items i have on my vanilla world. 


Any help would be appreciated, thanks! 

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