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I wasn't trying to be mean, I was trying to get across that your request is unikely at best, and that going on a server is by far the best way to get inspiration. Because one map is made by one person with one style. A server has dozens of different styles and ways of thinking to it. I've never played technic since, and I play singleplayer using tekkit so I can transfer ideas from there into a server. (And vice versa)

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But, i try to explain how i want it to be:

Someone has for example built... A very advanced miner and with sorting machine and lots of redstone and wireless stuff.

I want to be able to delete blocks, explore, click, delete, and place again and see what happens, you understand??

That's the only way i can really understand and develop stuff.

Okay, maybe not many would like to give away their map to me... But i really hope someone that has made cool stuff can share?

If not... Well... I don't know.

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