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  1. Could you link the forum? I think the one I used isn't checking it any more...
  2. One thing, try this and then you might need to re-load the seed though but it would help: also I'm doing the same thing but with carbon plating:
  3. I hope so, my problem still hasn't been answered and I desperately want Tekkit and Voltz together!!!
  4. going to the bottom of the crater and igniting another red matter vortex will suck the first one in and then the it will suck the standing one in (from the inside)
  5. So I'm working on a military bunker made of carbon plating. It is based off of this thread: All credit goes to elmarko98 and I take minimum responsability for it. NOTE: It is still WIP, and I am setting up everything. So don't moan about screenies and links. Also its on a superflat cos anything else kills my framerate
  6. Hi. I like Simplecraft and I was thinking that I could make a Simplecraft sort of pack and I could ask the maker to make one, but I cant find the Voltz textures so I need a clever texturer to help me find it.
  7. Thats great for things like tools and explosives, but if you generally want machines to work you might need a wiki to help the blocks and machines to do stuff. Help this guy: and he would be grateful, and my point is, experimenting can only be limited.
  8. I see your point! What do Atomic Assembelers and Cranes do?? Seriously, the UE and the Voltz wikis are the same!!! HHHEEELLLPPP
  9. It sounds like you installed it incorrectly, try updating it to latest, if not then, because the same thing happened when I installed Traincraft, you have to delete the whole history of Voltz-the file in .techniclauncher, the server, the .jar and then re-install it, I'm afraid
  10. The Universal Electricity wiki: You could also try this:
  11. Nope, except for the Power Tool doesn't colour, but in .10 there are a few bugs, like when I stepped on a flammable spike from .13 it nuked me... It was odd. EDIT: The Night Vision on the MMMPS is buggy though
  12. Its in the appdata folder; Open the windows menu, go in Run and type in appdata and go in Roaming, then go on .techniclauncher and go in config folder. Open MekanismGenerators.cfg in a notepad and find the item and change its id. BOOM your finished
  13. I'm currently trying to make one but there's two things blocking it. Where to find the Voltz textures and how do I change the Paint.NET settings to have the textures in 32x? If you guys could help me then soon there will be a texture pack for Voltz!
  14. I did #2 cos I cant get on the site for #1, mirror maybe?, anyways I did #2, but I didn't have a config folder. So I ran it and it generated one but there isn't a redpower.cfg in there, any ideas? EDIT: I sneaked in Traincraft ( and I thought that it might be help mentioning that. Thnx ;)
  15. Too Right! I can't even be bothered to make a texture pack sooooo... Yea...
  16. I've decided to retake the idea. LOL No wait, can't be bothered. Roflol
  17. I would be any except the cameraman and the server host. my specialist subject is IC2 Tools and EE Armor. I would also not mind being a builder, although I lose peseverance VERY quickly. An actor I would not at all mind. I would only be available between the hours of 4:00-9:00 on a weekday on a weekend 7:00-9:30. But, I have a VERY squeaky voice and my MSN name is [email protected] Builder would be best.
  18. Don't do a Voxel!!! The Voxel texturepacks are too metallic. Go for simple like Simplecraft but not to cartoonistic like Sphax. Don't go all metallic like DSTC but try not to overwhelm the lag like Photo Realism. Don't go all steam punk like Dokucraft but not to bloxxy like Legocraft. Don't be all 'High Rendering' like Kiddiecraft but not to '18 and above' like some Painterly textures. Don't be to high res, yet don't be too low res. Don't be all basic like Default but not to unique like Quadrely. Try to in-between them all.
  19. I like your thinking. Sphax is a bit unrealistic and I would like something like a crossover of Deep Space Turtle Chase and Photo Realism. The only texture I like from Sphax is the Mining Laser. Faithful is also a nice Texture Pack that would be a good one to clone. Show us your progress and keep it up!
  20. Sounds awesome. Sphax is very cartoonistic and childish and I wanted a more serious one and here it is!
  21. This is not a map but a suggestion so please don't ban me. some factories like an addition to the complex reactor like drilling rigs and complex tool factories and stuff.