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  1. If 1.1.0 isn't showing in the technic launcher then its down to how that launcher is communicating, you might be better off asking in the technic launcher section of the bugs forum, I take it you've tried reopening the technic launcher (sorry to ask simple solutions but often times theyre overlooked). Other than that I cant really help, sworry! T.T
  2. Tunnel bore+anchor cart+chest cart, thats how to auto mine in voltz . As for best mining explosive ummm, not really found any of them are that good for mining, especially for the cost ratio
  3. Yep thats generally what I tell friends to do, chose to run a voltz server this time as its actually more fun having less info how things work!
  4. I build floor lights or ceiling lights (or even wall lights) when I don't like torches hanging everywhere, dig 2 deep, place torch, glass on top. I preferred the way I did it in tekkit though with a redstone torch and a lamp though. Gets me by until some sort of better lighting mod is implemented.
  5. It's in the top sticky of this forum http://wiki.universalelectricity.com/ although if you cant find anything that you need then just google it, like I use railcrafts own wiki for their stuff
  6. You sure you scrolled all the way up? works fine for me on both my linux and win7, you'll need to clear your cache before trying to update it though (at least thats what I've had to get all my servers users to do).
  7. yay, anything broken again in .13 though?
  8. bronze is better than steel in .11 but in .12 its the other way round, now if only the obsidian crafting was fixed!
  9. I'm running a 1.12 server and I'm just wondering, are wither skulls obtainable (by legit methods). Searched the forums and the interwebs. In fact come to think of it, I've not had a single head or skull at all, also wither skeles drop lootable lead and non-lootable lead, could it be here where the problem lies? Many thanks! (if they are obtainable, please say how, must've killed over 100 wither skele's now!). Edit: Nevermind, updated to .13, got a diamond sword with Looting III on it and finally got one, so yes they do exist, time to make a beacon surrounded by traps!
  10. Yep make sure cells go in first, then uranium ore and make sure you have a 120v power source (use a transformer and flip it the right way round with a wrench) you'll know when it works cause it'll say processing. Refined uranium is no longer in voltz, it goes straight to cells (hence the 2 slots) ^_^