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Awesome Minecraft 1.1 seed


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I'm sorry but maps seemed the only good place to put this

The seed is Winter*

This is not the ripoff lava spawn seed, if you notice there is a * at the end

Also remember the W is capital

I'm not good with image posting sites so I'm not sure if I can get screen shots

But lets jsut say that theres a HUGE valley (not ravine) at sea level with mountains around it that looks like this [_]

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I found a very nice seed to.

its a island about 400 blocks long and 100 wide, extreme hills biome.

the seed is: 3693720386160606497

i recomend copying and pasting it if your going to use it.

sorry that I didn't add any screenshots. I'm not so good at them. :-)

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minimr your seed is awesome but you should of said you spawn on a volcano, i was scared it would erupt. Oh, and is there a millinaire village on the island?

I'll try out minimr's seed, but Millenaire villages don't depend on the seed. Also volcanoes don't erupt (but I think they should)

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