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how do i set an area of oil using world edit

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im sure ive done it before. it was ages ago on single player before the launcher was made.

ive mined out a big hole and i want to fill it with oil because i cant find any random pools in the world. im sure they will be there but i just cant find them.


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I have never done it, but I would guess that you would do it in one of the following ways.

Method 1

[list type=decimal]

[li]Select the area you want to fill with the wand or any other method (//wand, will get you the selection tool). You can over select and select the walls as well.[/li]

[li]Use the command '//replace air oil'. You may have to lookup the ID for oil and use that. Recipe book can be set to show all IDs [/li]

Method 2

[list type=decimal]

[li]Use the command, '//br sphere oil 5' (you can replace 5 with a larger number if your server supports it, i believe 5 is the default [/li]

[li]Paint the area with the brush placing oil where you want. Beware that this tool with replace the walls of your pit if the brush includes them. You can get around this by setting up a mask using the block that the walls of the tank are made of.[/li]

Using either method you should be able to use //fixwater [radius] to set the flowing blocks around you to source blocks.

Again, I have never done this, but I would imagine it is the same as lava or water.

Another thought, you could probably find an underground gravel or dirt patch and select that and use //replace to change this into an oil pit. It may give you a more natural look.

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