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how can i play LAN?


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Hey guys i really appreciated if somebody can tell me how can i play LAN whit my girlfriend? I don't know if is possible. We are trying to play Attack Of The B Team together but cant find a way.  We are in the same house , same internet but nothing happen. If anybody can help us out ill be extremely grateful for that! thanks and hope somebody can help us out! PEACE!

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Basicly a server running on the LAN should be discovered when looking for games. One of the machines (or even better a dedicated server) must run a server version corresponding to your clientversions (most likely the current recommended build).

If these conditions are met, you can find the when looking for multiplayer games. If it doesn'ntr show up, make sure the server is running correctly and if it does look for a firewalll service on the server machine that is blocking the server port and make an exception to the ruleset that will allow the server to pass sending and receiving traffic through the firewall.

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