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Plugin for disabling Creepers


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Hello. I have been crawling the forums, google, bukkit etc, found lots and lots of mob-controlling-plugins. Sadly, none of these works with Tekkit.

Can anyone recommend a plugin for this? I have also tried WorldGuard, but it started to spew out errors in my server and did not prevent Creepers from despawning.

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Are you downloading plugins which are for the correct version of craftbukkit that tekkit uses? The tekkit server doesn't use the most recent version so any plugins for that version won't work. IIRC the bukkit version used is 1.1 R4.

Quite a few plugins have older versions availible. Just grab the one that is designed for the correct bukkit version. I was under the impression most (almost all?) plugins work fine with tekkit.

If you are getting the right versions for Bukkit 1.1 r4 and they still aren't working then i'll just shut up and wait for a cleverer person to help you :).

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I use the SaveCreeper plugin :D It's outdated but for tekkit 2.1.1 it works FINE! You can change a lot for the creepers like if they will explode, or if they will follow you. On my server they are so that they walk around just like cows, even if you attack them they do nothing!

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