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Tekkit reloading old save-state ?

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I just installed Tekkit as my new server client but I'm having a bit of trouble. For some reason I have no idea how, the map I've transferred over from my current server client (bukkit & Spoutcraft) is refusing to load to it's current progress. For some reason it keeps loading a version of the map about 3 months old. I have no idea how it's doing it. I literally took the world folder and exchanged it for the one in tekkit. There's no backups in there to my knowledge. What's the explanation for this and how can I fix it ?

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The current version of Tekkit doesn't support the new Anvil map format in Minecraft 1.2, so it's loading the version of the world that was still in the old save format just before you upgraded to 1.2 and the map was converted. If you really want to use your current map, you'll have to wait for the official Tekkit 3 release.

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