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Latest Minebackup Backported and fixed up with Dropbox support

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Hey all.

After losing a server and all backups (I foolishly left all the backups on the server that failed), I decided it was time to get MineBackup running on tekkit.

I've got the latest version running under tekkit 2.1.1, with dropbox support working.





The Jar!


I wont document how to use it, because it's all documented elsewhere (Bukkitdev etc.).

Have fun, and report bugs on github!


  • [li]CraftBukkit-Base modified so it works with CB1.1r4[/li]
    [li]Various bits of Dropbox related code added/moved/made to work.[/li]
    [li]Workaround for the CB getMapList throwing NullPointerException issue.[/li]

For a more detailed changelog, look on github

Edit [18:01 13MAY12]: Updated the build to a non debug build.

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